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Artisanal palm bag, handmade in Oaxaca featuring our iconic silver magic eye, with leather and rivet applications.

Straight from Oaxaca, Zairvs brings to you a redesign of the petate, keeping the prehispanic weave technique and unique texture but featuring our iconic silver magic eye, with leather and rivet applications. Handcrafted by Mexican hands with a ritual that combines elements of nature and craftsmanship: always hands that transform raw materials into objects with life and stories to tell. 

Natural fibers, leather and silver: just the finest materials used in an exhaustive prehispanic process that makes this piece imperfectly perfect to suit your imperfectly perfect soul. Available in two sizes: large and small

Special for the eccentric, contemporary and free-minded. Wear it as a manifesto of intuition and deep connections with the universe, wear it and show the world that you care, that you are conscious about fashion and about the repercussions it can have in our people, in our planet.